The wedge/jaws of the Feeder Head-Breaker are inserted between the casting and the riser, then by actuating the push-button on the operators handle of the Feeder Head Breaker, the common center wedge thrusts forward expanding the lateral jaws and causing the break-off action.

-  Easy to use

Indefunsa feeder-head breakers are fast, efficient, and easy to operate which makes breaking and degating of castings a simple task. These guns require very little effort by the operator.

-  Cost Savings.

A large increase in productivity is realized when using the Indefunsa guns; producing significant savings in costs. What is typically a job for 4 men with 4 hammers is now the job for 1 man and 1 Indefunsa feeder breaker gun.

 - Quality Considerations.

Our Feeder Head Breakers reduce the risk of damage to castings. The break off surfaces are clean, smooth and repeatable and always in the right place.

-  Safety.

Accidents that commonly occur from traditional methods (hammer and cut-off wheels) are eliminated. Injuries such as back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome caused from hard physical labor and repetitive motion are reduce significantly. Noise levels are also reduced.